Lip-reading and communication skills

Lip-Reading and Communication Skills

8 Lessons

Working with your child

Learn the techniques we were taught in 1990, to help develop your child's language and lip reading skills, that will be vital for their development and ability to engage effectively with the challenges they will face in life. These proved to be life changing for our son.

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Step-by-Step Lessons

Top Tip 1: Face towards the light

Your child most probably is totally unaware you are trying to communicate with them. At all times you must help them by making sure they can see your face clearly.


Top Tip 2: Eye contact

It is important to get down to eye level and make eye contact with your child when you are communicating with them.


Top Tip 3: Hold objects next to your face

By holding objects you are talking about next to your face, you be helping your child understand what you are talking about.


Top Tip 4: Talk about things that interest your child

It is important to talk about things your child is interested in. Ask yourself: "What are they...looking at...playing with...or eating?"


Top Tip 5: Auditory Training

As soon as you hear a sound...quickly get eye contact...point to your ear...and with an excited, happy expression on your face say..."What can you hear?"


Top Tip 6: Speak clearly & in full sentences

It is very important to speak clearly and in a full not over emphasise your words.  


Top Tip 7: Encourage your child to copy words

Be happy if your child says something or even part of a word. This will encourage them to try again, as they will want to please you.


Top Tip 8: EVERYTHING has a name

It is important to build your child's language by naming the things they are doing, playing with and their actions. By doing this you will be increasing the number of words they understand.