Lip-reading and communication skills

Top Tip 1: Face towards the light

Lesson 1


Ask yourself...Can my child see my face clearly? 

Your child most probably is totally unaware you are trying to communicate with them. At all times you must help them by making sure they can see your face clearly. 

You can do this by facing towards the light or window.

When the light is shining on your face your child will be able to see your face clearly.

This is important because they will be able to make use of extra information by filling in the 'gaps'. They will be able to see the expression on your face, as you might be happy, sad or excited and by seeing your expression it will help them make use of that extra information.

While you are playing with your child sit them so their back is towards the window and sit opposite them, facing the light.

Have fun with your child...make sure you always have a positive attitude 🙂