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Here's access our TOP TIPS for you to start working with your deaf child today. These TOP TIPS are the 'secret' to our success.

When I turned 50, I wanted to write down what I had done to help our profoundly deaf son, Hughan, with his lip-reading and communication skills, in case another member of our family has a deaf child in the future. When I started reading our 'Diary' notes, I realized there was a lot of information there, that I could share with others, to help them through our experience.

Hughan's Diary is currently in its 30th anniversary and we've started publishing from the beginning in 2019 and you can see the latest posts below.

30 years ago, in 1990 by implementing these TOP TIPS​​​​ into our daily lives, and with consistent, persistent effort over a long period of time and never giving up, have proved to be life changing for our son. 

In 1989 we became aware he couldn't hear us when he was 9 months old. It took 5 agonizing months to get him diagnosed profoundly deaf. One Specialist even told us he wouldn't benefit from hearing aids. Today, Hughan is in 30's and has achieved so much with his hearing and speech, that he can even hold a conversation on a phone. He has had the confidence to leave home in England, marry his lovely wife Emma (who is also profoundly deaf and uses cochlear implants to hear) and live in New Zealand. 

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Friday 29/06/90 – “More!”
When Hughan had finished his tea this morning he said what sounded like “more!” Willem couldn't believe his ears. We[...]
Thursday 28/06/90 – blowing
Hughan had a great time with Willem blowing out the flames on his lighter. He has started blowing well. We[...]
Wednesday 27/06/90 – Cars
Hughan and I went to play school again today. The play school have been given some little cars for the[...]
Tuesday 26/06/90 – Hughan pushes the coffee table
Hughan helps push the coffee table into place and automatically sets off for his little chair, which is in the[...]
Monday 25/06/90 – back to Mafeking
We spent most of the day on the road, taking Willem’s Mum (Granny Dawn) back to Mafeking. (I started this[...]
Saturday 23/06/09 – Baby Cousin
Over the weekend we went through to Mafeking to see Willem’s family. His sister has just had a baby, a[...]

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