Relaunch of Hughan’s Diary – 30 Years On

Hi everyone,

We’ve removed all of Hughan’s diary entries that we ran in 2013, written in the early nineties, because we’re going to be running them again in real time starting in Jan 2020; this time 30 years on from the event.

Follow along this year as we discover Hughan’s deafness 30 years ago and are told he’d never learn to hear or speak and would have to sign. Hughan is profoundly deaf, but luckily after a chance encounter on a train heading from London to Cornwall in 1989 we met Elaine Saunders (who is an internationally recognised hearing scientist and audiologist) who told us about the pioneering work being done on the cochlear implant. We found and went for the Carel Du Toit Center in Cape Town where Hughan followed the program and in 1992 was the 10th child (34th person) to receive his cochlear implant at the age of 3 and a half.

February 1990 is when the real work began and our ‘Diary’ started. This is when we were taught the top tips and embraced a new way to communicate with Hughan. It was only after reading through my diary notes that I realised what it was that gave us so much success with Hughan; who can now hold a conversation on a phone and has chosen to live the other side of the world in New Zealand with his wife Emma, who is also profoundly deaf and met on our Facebook page.

I’ve decided to make all of the exercises and principles we used into a course with the help of our other son Jamie who has made this website and I’m going to be letting people sign up to the site (which will be free for everyone to join) to gain access to the training material and eventually the forum; giving us a platform to share, learn and grow with each other.

In the mean time I’m also writing a book which I will be publishing in the near future and members of my academy will get access to an early copy of that so it’s well worth joining us. If you follow us on facebook and like our posts then you’re going to love what we’re going to be doing for parents with deaf children and you’ll want to make sure you’re registered as soon as possible.

The website, forum, academy etc is still in development and is aimed to be completed by June 2019.