Wednesday 30/05/90 First video

Video 2nd visit to The Carel du Toit Centre

(VIDEO 5th lesson…2nd visit to The Carel du Toit Centre, Cape Town 1990) Helping parents with deaf children through our experience…

Today, Vanessa was filming Hughan and I, so I could take the video home with us to Botswana, as a reminder of what we had been doing in Cape Town.

This is what Vanessa wrote in the diary…..

Activity : condensed milk balls.

Aim : interpretation of his babbling and actions

Lovely Sue you did not gesture. You did the action and gave the language at the same time – “drop the biscuit in the packet”.

Good turn taking – Hughan put a biscuit in, mummy put a biscuit in.

Hughan’s eye contact was a lot better today. Be patient with the eye contact and don’t give up. Remember that if he is interested in watching the action you’re doing – rolling a rolling pin – just pause for a moment (stop the action) and he will 9/10 times look up at you (to query why you have stopped) and then you have your eye contact and quickly give your lovely suitable language input.

Hughan babbled a lot more today – “a –ja”, “wa-wa”, “ba-ba-ba”.

Good interpretation of his actions, “the tortoise wants to eat some coconut”, “mummy I want some more”.

A good strategy to bear in mind is do – talk – do.

First roll the rolling pin, then stop and talk with eye contact – “roll the rolling pin” and then do the action again.

Lovely imitation of Hughan banging the rolling pin and of him rolling the rolling pin.

Good turn taking again – “mummy roll the rolling pin”, “Hughan roll the rolling pin”.

Sue this was a lovely session and we had it on video! Thank you very much. You’ll gesturing has improved hundred percent. You are a lot more aware of the finer details of your technique now. Keep up this lovely work and positive attitude. The sentences you jotted down are good examples of meaningful repetition and naming – varied language input.

See you Friday.