Saturday 07/07/90 – Toy motorbike

Over the weekend Jamie and Hughan had some very good moments together.

I walked into the lounge on one occasion and Jamie had put knee pads gloves and a helmet on Hughan.

We have a motorbike that sits on the carpet, it has a screen with a motorbike on it and they can vary the speed on the screen, it has indicators and front lights (as in the photo), and Hughan was driving.

Then it was Jamie’s turn and they swapped over.

(I started this website to help other patents with deaf children through our experience. Our son Hughan was born in 1988 and was diagnosed profoundly deaf at 14 months old. We kept a Diary, so his progress could be tracked between our lessons, as we were living in Gaborone in Botswana and traveled every 3 months to the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town.)