Making Books with your Deaf child


This is a fantastic way of having fun with pictures that relate to your child’s everyday activities, places you visit, friends and family, pets etc.

Having the books available for your child to access and show you pictures from the book will help curb any frustration of not being able to express themselves.

Make the books as follows –

  • one book for one theme
  • stick one picture on a page
  • you can write the word underneath.

Here are some themes to start with –

a)      Body book – face, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, hair, neck, arms, leg, feet, hands etc.

b)      Animal book – cat, dog, bird, cow, horse, sheep, chicken, duck etc – lovely for auditory training.

c)       Clothes – shoes, socks, hat, shirt, shorts, vest, jumper etc.

d)      Food –  banana, bread, biscuits, eggs, milk, juice, cake etc – all the things he eats.

Then you can take each room in the house:

e)      Rooms in the House –  Bathroom – Bath, tap, towel, soap. Kitchen –  stove, fridge, table, chair, plate, Knife, fork, spoon etc. Bedroom – bed, blanket, pillow, cupboard, teddy etc.

Another lovely idea is an Action book e.g. run, jump, sleep, eat, kick the ball, read, swim etc.

More tips :

  • try find the biggest picture
  • look for a picture that is coloured rather than black and white
  • keep the books in a particular place so Hughan can become familiar with them so that he can have access to these books whenever he wants to read them
  • always use full sentences
  • don’t just name the picture e.g. “this is a dog” – discuss the picture i.e.” the dog is dirty”, “he has mud on his paws”, “where’s Hughan’s paws?” “ Hughan has got feet” etc.
  • making the books should be great fun!