Friday 16/03/90

Today Hughan and I went and did some shopping.

Riding in the trolley was great fun and he was quite overwhelmed with all the goings on.

He recognised bananas and Smarties (chocolates) etc and enjoyed every moment.

In the afternoon we had a swim which he always enjoys.

Over the weekend we made some play dough – taking it in turns to stir the dough. Once it was made Jamie had half and Hughan half.

Taking it in turns to use the rolling pin and cutting out shapes. Hughan lost interest very quickly but enjoyed joining in while he was keen.

We have been repeating making different noises each day. “Knock, knock, knock” is going quite well.

He often picked up objects while he is playing and makes banging noises on his own accord and points to his ear and shakes his head and looks at us for our response. He gets great pleasure from this.

He is also making more babbling noises.

(I started this website to help other patents with deaf children through our experience. Our son Hughan was born in 1988 and was diagnosed profoundly deaf at 14 months old. We kept a Diary, so his progress could be tracked between our lessons, as we were living in Gaborone in Botswana and traveled every 3 months to the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town.)