We stayed in Johannesburg overnight with Willem’s and family.

The next day we took Hughan for a second opinion with another specialist.

Hughan was sedated and had the same brainstem test again that he had the day before. The test gave similar results and afterwards the specialist said to us “Hughan has a hearing loss that is so profound, not even hearing aids would benefit him. He should start a signing programme straight away”.

What did all this mean?

As soon as we had finished at this appointment, Willem and I took the boys back to see Dr Davidge Pitts to discuss the results.

Dr Davidge Pitts was very angry that the other specialist had passed such a remark.

He said to us “It is up to you as parents, this boy will lead a normal life, you have to believe this. A lot of work has to be put in and one day he will be able to talk, but it is the support you give him as parents, that will help him achieve this”.

Dr Davidge Pitts had explained to us that Hughan had nerve damage in his cochlear. In the cochlear there are little tiny hairs that react to sound and Hughan’s were not responding. This was irreversible damage.

Going back to see Dr Davidge Pitts had proved to be very important. We had already realised that it was important to make the right decisions when seeing different specialists. Each specialist had their own ideas and as parents you have to be comfortable with decisions you are making.

While we were with Dr Davidge Pitts an appointment was made for us to see the specialist for hearing aids. Before we left for Gaborone we took Hughan for some ear mould impressions to be done and some hearing aids ordered. We were to return the following week for the fitting.

We had to believe we were capable of helping Hughan.