Wednesday 27/02/91 – Cape Town, 4th lesson

DIARY NOTES – In 1991, 23 years ago today this is what Vanessa wrote in the ‘Diary’.

23 years ago Vanessa, at the Carel du Toit Centre, wrote in Hughan’s diary during our 4th lesson in Cape Town. I was being taught how to work with Hughan.

Activity: Jelly

Aims: specific naming, repetition of actions and language, extension of repetitive language.

Hughan said “or” for “pour”- “Water, pour the water”, “pour the jelly”. His pronunciation improved with repetition.

Hughan also said “o” for “hot” – “the water is hot”.

Lovely at:

“Switching on the kettle” – Sue you used the word “tik”.

“Banging the spoon on the bottle” – You used the words “clang, clang”.

“More” – nicely extended, “more ice”, “more jelly”.

Utilise your turn taking, for example stirring and blowing. This forces non-verbal repetition and simultaneously creates opportunity for verbal repetition.

Remember to extend his one word utterances, for example – more jelly; pour the water. We always use a single word in a short sentence anyway.

Much better naming and repetition today, not to mention the words I heard for the first time, and so clearly to - wonderful.

Thank you


(Helping parents with hearing impaired children through our experience…we are following our profoundly deaf son’s diary, from 1990, so you can see what we did to help him with his speech and hearing. Hughan is 25 years old now and he can hold a conversation on a phone. It is the little thing we did every day, over a long period of time, that has helped him. Please visit our page…’like’ and follow us to help others…Thank you :) )

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