Wednesday 24/10/90 – Playing with Aeroplanes

DIARY NOTES – In 1990, 23 years ago today this is what I wrote in the diary.

Hughan and I played with aeroplanes today. The Duplo Lego plane and ones we have collected. Hughan knows how to put the Duplo plane together. After Hughan had had his sleep at lunchtime, he came in through with all his swimming things. I told him “no” we can’t swim now, and he had an instant sulk on his face.

I then said he was going in the pushchair (which he was not sure what I meant). Once I showed him the pushchair he was excited. We walked to Vil’s school as he had a swimming lesson. When we got back home we all had a swim.

Vil played nicely with Hughan as well. When he makes up his mind to talk to Hughan he is very good and waits for Hughan to look at him before he gives him his speech, holding the item near his face.

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  1. Belinda Hunt says:

    Hey Sue, this is bazaar. I have just be introduced to Linkedin.  Not sure what its all about.  This week I am meeting with a web designer to get started with my clothing website.  Exciting and scary. I’ll email you later with all our news. Belinda

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Belinda

      Great to hear you are on linkedin. I am not always active though, but I get messages, which is great. We are off to SA for 3 weeks on Thur, back 20th Nov. We are seeing Sharon and Piers in CT on 4th at 7pm. 5 of us going (Vil’s girlfriend joining us). love to all x x x

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