Wednesday 22/08/90 – 3rd visit to Cape Town – 6th lesson

DIARY NOTES – Brushing teeth and foam farm animals….In 1990, this was our third trip to the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town. Vanessa was teaching us and this is what she wrote in our hearing impaired son’s diary…

Activity: brushing teeth and foam farm animals
1) intonation – emphasise first word, be more natural
2) Expect a response from Hughan

Good auditory training with the toothpaste box. “I can’t hear”. Lovely emphasis of the no-sound.

Expect that language:
“brush (pause – expect) brush Hughan’s teeth”
“Open (pause – expect) open the box”

Sue you are giving language for each action. This is super, keep trying to get that eye contact. You got it beautifully when you held the teeth (plastic ones) and the brush next to your face and said “brush the teeth”. Remember to hold things next to your face as opposed to him holding it and you look down.

“Oooo” – moo (wonderful)

Lovely auditory training with the animal sounds
Horse – neigh
Pig – oink oink
Cow – Moo
Dog – woof, woof

Hughan definitely is using his voice to communicate – to tell you something specific. I love the way you are interpreting his babbling and then interpreting it (giving him the language). You are also labelling everything beautifully.
- Pull the plug out
- feel the water
- the water is hot / cold
- turn the tap

Much better interpretation and emphasis today, Sue. As a tip to maintain this, trying concentrate on emphasising the first word instead of the last word.

Thanks for a beautiful session. Please do intensive auditory training and work on our aims for this session.

Thank you


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