Tuesday 21/08/90 – 3rd visit to Cape Town – 5th lesson

DIARY NOTES – Bowl of goodies….In 1990, this was our third trip to the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town. Vanessa was teaching us and this is what she wrote in our hearing impaired son’s diary…

Activity: Bowl of goodies
1) auditory training
2) expect language
3) incorporate Vil (Jamie)

I (Vanessa) modelled the session. We did a group activity – re: incorporated Vil, with auditory training. Had a bowl with various goodies (each with a specific sound) in it, covered with a towel to create an element of surprise so as to make the game exciting and consequently keep Hughan and Vil interested.

We took one item out at the time – each having a turn to take a toy out without looking (maintaining suspense aspect). We played with each item until they were tired of this toy. Extend each toy to its fullest potential. Get in varied language and intensive auditory training.

Once again I did turn taking. Vil was a lot more patient today. Both of them loved the activity. Try this activity at home. Vil communicated nicely with Hughan today. Daily practice and it will improve even more. Be patient with Vil – always remember he is also still growing in all aspects – emotional, social, thinking etc. Sometimes we are actually expecting adult behaviour and understanding from him, which isn’t fair. Just be aware of this.

Some of the toys we played with and those sounds –
1) car – brrm, brrm
2) doll- crying
3) bell – ting a ling
4) duck – quack, quack
5) dog – woof, woof
6) cow – moo
7) trumpets – toot

Thank you
See you tomorrow

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