Thursday 28/02/91 – 5th Lesson at Carel du Toit Centre

DIARY NOTES – In 1991, 23 years ago today this is what Vanessa wrote in the ‘Diary’.

23 years ago Vanessa wrote in Hughan’s diary during our 5th lesson at the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town. I was being taught to work with Hughan. Vanessa watched me work with Hughan from an observation room, correcting me while I played with him.

Activity: Wrapped and hidden animals.


1.       Repetition (verbal and non-verbal).

2.       Extension of his utterances.

3.       Manipulate turn taking.

Hughan said “pu” for “pull”/ “op” for “open”/ “off”/ “moo”.

Lovely with the animals sounds.

  • duck – quack, quack
  • dog – woof, woof
  • cat – meow, meow
  • cow – moo

Nice carrying out of the instructions:

  • “put the duck in the bin”
  • “jump into the bin”

With turn taking you got lovely repetition of duck and what it did. For example – “the duck says quack, quack”, “walk the duck – the duck is walking”.

Extend! Extend! Etend! Don’t be too hasty in moving on to something new. Extend and repeat one thing as much as possible before moving on.

Fantastic – he reacted immediately to me saying “moo” and “woof, woof” over the microphone.

Lovely Hughan shock the paper and couldn’t hear anything, so he shook his head and vocalised, so as to say “I can’t hear”.

Good: you physically reinforced “standing” – “the horse is standing” – “mummy is standing”.

Superb you remembered not to resort to “ta”. You said “give the horse” and if he doesn’t grasp it you utilise the natural gesture = out reached hands and repeat the language.

Much better! You are waiting for him to finish talking before you interpret.

Sue thank you so much. Your sessions are such a pleasure to observe. I always thoroughly enjoyed them. You and Hughan have an 11/10 relationship – you’re a super mum and your constant hard work, dedication, love, patience and positive attitude are truly reaping buckets of fruit. Hughan is making wonderful progress.


(These very kind comments that Vanessa wrote in the diary were always so encouraging and helped me to keep focused and positive while I was working with Hughan).

(Helping parents with hearing impaired children through our experience…we are following our profoundly deaf son’s diary, from 1990, so you can see what we did to help him with his speech and hearing. Hughan is 25 years old now and he can hold a conversation on a phone. It is the little thing we did every day, over a long period of time, that has helped him. Please visit our page…’like’ and follow us to help others…Thank you :) )

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