Thursday 23/08/90 – 3rd visit to Cape Town – 7th lesson

DIARY NOTES – play tea….In 1990, this was our third trip to the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town. Vanessa was teaching us and this is what she wrote in our hearing impaired son’s diary…

Activity: play – play tea
Aims: same as the 22nd, plus bring in plenty of sounds.

Eye contact was much better when you held the item next to your face and distanced yourself slightly eg: half a metre as opposed to being so close that your face is almost touching his.

Remove things that will distract his attention. This makes eye contact a lot easier. If you only have the jug between you and him and he wants the jug, he will look at you.

He is using a new sound “dit,dit,dit”.

He didn’t always react immediately to my loud banging. Please bring sounds in as much as possible.

Thanks Sue. Unfortunately this was our last session . It has been a great two weeks.

See you tomorrow


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