Monday 25/02/91 – 4th Video – 3rd lesson Cape Town

23 years ago today, Hughan and I were back in Cape Town, and Vanessa at the Carel du Toit Centre was doing a video recording of me working with Hughan.

Vanessa was correcting me during the session ( Hughan is 2  1/2 years old). These recordings were done during each return visit to the centre, every 3 months. We could then watch them at home in Gaborone, Botswana as a reminder of what we should be doing. I was being taught how to work with Hughan.

DIARY NOTES – In 1991, 23 years ago today this is what Vanessa at the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town wrote in the ‘Diary’.

23 years ago today, Hughan and I were back in Cape Town, and Vanessa was writing in our diary.

I was being taught how to work with Hughan –

Activity : blowing activities

Aim : specific naming, repetition of actions and language, extension of repetitive language.

Good Sue, your waiting for his eye contact before you give him the language.

Lovely pausing and expectation of verbal response for the word “blow”.

What I really love is the way you praise him. It is such motivation for him to try again.

“Ta” – when saying “ta” don’t use your hand straight away. First give him the command without the natural gesture and then if he doesn’t respond, come in with the natural gesture.

When he shakes the empty matchbox, instead of saying “there are no matches” rather interpret on an auditory level – in other words “I can’t hear”.

You said “hot” then Hughan said “ho” (hot) plus he put his hand over the flame and then quickly pulled it away.

You said “blow” (the candle)

Sue you get much wonderful eye contact and attention that you can really pause and expect nicely.

Command: “give mummy the match”. Lovely! When he didn’t respond you resorted to “ta”. Don’t change, keep the same vocabulary, ie. keep reinforcing “give” when he doesn’t understand you rather use the natural gesture (out stretched hand) then saying “ta”.

Hughan said “ie” as in (lie) – nicely interpreted Sue: “light the candle”.

He responded to “way the smoke” twice, this was lovely. Still difficult to determine whether he really understands or is he remembered the sequence we had been repeating with the candle.

Hughan said “ie” for “light”, note the same sound as before when he pointed to the candle and you interpreted light the candle, in other words “light” – fantastic!

Lovely modelling of number: “Mummy has 2 candles”.

Concept of big and small = lovely concept.

Command: “put the matches in the box”. No response and he went on to lighting the match. Once giving a command follow it through so that you reinforce the language.

“ba” (mind) when he want you to leave something alone.

Reacted to his name when I was knocking on the window – localised J

“bo – bo” of when popping the bubbles with his fingers – in other words “pop” which Sue had been modelling.

Sue this was a fantastic session I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did Hughan.

Willem welcome once again to Cape Town. Thanks for all the loving support you give Sue.

Enjoy the visit to the Dominicon Grimley (a school for hearing impaired children in Cape Town) tomorrow.

See you on Wednesday.


(Helping parents with hearing impaired children through our experience…we are following our profoundly deaf son’s diary, from 1990, so you can see what we did to help him with his speech and hearing. Hughan is 25 years old now and he can hold a conversation on a phone. It is the little thing we did every day, over a long period of time, that has helped him. Please visit our page…’like’ and follow us to help others…Thank you :) )

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