The First Lesson – 27/02/1990

The Carel du toit Centre – 27/02/1990

When we arrived for our first lesson at the centre, Nessa was there to greet us and we were taken into a room that looked exactly like a sitting room.

On one wall was a big glass mirror. Nessa explained to us that she would be sitting in the room next door, observing Willem, Vil and I while we were playing with Hughan. She would be correcting us while we were playing with him and encouraging us to work with Hughan in such a way, that he would learn his lip reading skills and how to communicate.

“The first lesson” – 27/02/1990

Activity: Tin and blocks and dog

Aim: 1) To teach Hughan to be aware of sound and to react to sound.

2) Eye contact at all times.

Lovely Sue and Willem you both waited for eye contact with all you gave him the language.

He immediately pointed to his ear and his nose and his eyes when discussing the dog’s face. Lovely J.

Sue you used your face nicely and pointed to your ear. Vil did this well too. It’s great that you are  incorporating him. I know it feels silly to point to your ear in the beginning but with time you will not even think about it.

Remember to interpret his actions and babbling -

If he stretches out his hand – say “give me the bowl mummy”.

Name everything – as of now “IT” is no longer in your words.

“Put it in the tin” – rather say “put the blocks in the tin”.

Thank you – I am looking forward to working with you –


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