Sunday 16/12/90 – A Visit to the Game Park

DIARY NOTES – In 1990, 23 years ago today this is what I wrote in the ‘Diary’.

Over the weekend we went to the game Park and the Rhino came very close to the fence again. The boys were very quiet and then Hughan got very excited. They started pounding at the ground and got quite cross. Because we were quiet they went off. It was amazing. We must get a photo some time.

We also thought lots of other game. We get a roadmap of the Park and today we showed Hughan animals on the paper as we saw them in the bush.

(Helping parents with hearing impaired children through our experience…we are following our profoundly deaf son’s diary, from 1990, so you can see what we did to help him with his speech and hearing. Hughan is 25 years old now and he can hold a conversation on a phone. It is the little thing we did every day, over a long period of time, that has helped him. Please visit our page…’like’ and follow us to help others…Thank you :) )

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