Saturday 06/04/91 – Travelling To Harare From Gabarone

Diary Notes – 23 years ago today I wrote in my hearing impaired son’s diary. I was writing up Hughan’s ‘Diary’ so Vanessa, at The Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town, knew what we were doing at home, in Gaborone, so she could track Hughan’s progress.

We spent the day on the road to Harare. We left Gaborone at 4.15am early in the morning.

We had a lovely picnic lunch at a lay-by in Zimbabwe which had rocks for the boys to climb.133

The boys were very good on the road.

We arrived at Willem’s parent’s house in Harare at 4:30pm.

(Helping parents with hearing impaired children through our experience…we are following our profoundly deaf son’s diary, from 1990, so you can see what we did to help him with his speech and hearing. Hughan is 25 years old now and he can hold a conversation on a phone. It is the little thing we did every day, over a long period of time, that has helped him. Please visit our page…’like’ and follow us to help others…Thank you :) )


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  1. Lucian Magaya says:

    We also benefited from the knowledge that Petersen had. We met them in Harare Zimbabwe and they told us about the implant and we went to SA with our son Tinashe Magaya who also got the same implant and now he can talk and hear and hear very well. Right now I am the father working in Afghanistan and I can phone my son Tinashe and we can have a conversation on the phone. It has been a while before communicating with this lovely couple- The Petersens. Our son is now 18 years old and he can do normal things that any hearing person can do. 

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