Monday 24/09/90 – Duplo Playhouse

DIARY NOTES – In 1990, 23 years ago today this is what I wrote in the diary.

We had a lovely lesson today with the Duplo house set. It has a toilet, hand basin, shower and bath in the bathroom, bunk beds, beds, dressing table and chair with a lamp in the bedroom.

In the lounge it has a lounge suite, television, standard lamp, table, wall unit with draws that open and close, and in the kitchen there is a stove, sink, kettle, pot and wall units with draws.

All the interleague doing doors between the rooms open and close, the house has a chimney and an aerial on the roof.

I took Hughan around the house showing him all the different things. He loved it.

In the set is a mummy, daddy, boy and girl and a granny. So we have lots of language!! to talk about. He was very interested in the aerial on the roof.

We had a visit to the doctor in the afternoon as Hughan has a runny nose!

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