Friday 19/10/90 – Swinging


DIARY NOTES – In 1990, 23 years ago today this is what I wrote in the diary.

I put some swings in the garden. We had to saw some branches off the tree and tie ropes on a branch and put the tyres on as swings. The rest of the day was spent on the swings. Vil was very pleased with the idea and the boys had a great time.

We also had a swim in the afternoon.

Hughan’s fingernails are looking very sore and I have spoken to the doctor and they have stayed at the nails are going to come off.

Over the weekend we went to the game Park again with some of our friends. We saw lots of game and Hughan points his finger when he sees the animals now.

We also went swimming quite a few times.

When I call Hughan or speak to him when I am with friends or there are quite a lot of children around, I find I call and call and eventually show him I am calling by going into his vision, whereas I get a good response, when we are by ourselves.

Sometimes I walk into a room and say “hi” and Hughan often does not turn around, but says “hi” in response (indicating he heard).

He also said “dinner” on Sunday. Vil was so excited. We made a great fuss of Hughan.

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