Monday 27/08/90 – Back in Gaborone

DIARY NOTES – Back in Gaborone after being in Cape Town -

In 1990, 23  years ago today, we had arrived back in Gaborone after our trip to Cape Town. I had spent two weeks with Jamie (Vil) and Hughan at the Carel du Toit Centre, where Vanessa was teaching us how to help Hughan with his lip reading skills and encouraging him to speak.

This is what I wrote in the diary –

Dear Vanessa

Thanks for all your assistance in Cape Town. Vil, Hughan and I all benefited from our classes. As usual it was great to be in our ‘second home (the Carel du Toit Centre)’!

We met Willem in Johannesburg on our return. What a fantastic feeling being back as a family and having Willem’s support.

The boys were very pleased to see their Dad. Willem came out to the aeroplane to help me with the boys, and the look of shock on their faces was great. As you can imagine Mum did not feature any more. This was a great feeling. They sat with Willem on the return flight to Gaborone.

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