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Monday 20/08/90 – 3rd visit to Cape Town – 2nd Video

DIARY NOTES – play dough….In 1990, this video was taken during our third trip to the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town. Vanessa was teaching us and this is what she wrote in our hearing impaired son’s diary…

These notes were taken during the video recording.

Activity: play dough


1)      incorporate Vil (Jamie)

2)      name everything

3)      expect language

Lovely eye contact: “pour the flour”.

Vil also gave his language nicely to Hughan. Remember to guide him not to touch Hughan when he wants Hughan’s attention. The most rather bang / clap – make a noise ie. use sound.

Good turn taking: each one had a turn to pour the flour, pour the salt, stir the mixture and roll the dough.

This is super and it’s good for Vil to also wait until it’s his turn (to learn turn taking).

Lovely use of the sentence of touch:

“feel the flour”

“flour is soft” – good labelling Sue.

“Salt – put the spoon in the salt”

“pour the salt” – lovely labelling. You rarely using everything’s name. Keep this up. Also you paused after “salt”, expect language and then put the single word into a full sentence.

Lovely Sue: you’re getting beautiful eye contact before and while you’re giving language input to Hughan.

Nice interaction Sue:

”Mix, Mix – Mix with your hands”.

“Push the dough”.

Hughan imitated you beautifully non-verbally:

pushing the dough with your finger.

Rolling the dough to and fro.

Super: You imitated him banging and took the opportunity to do auditory training. Remember to imitate the sound with your voice after you have made the sound, or else your voice (Bang – bang / Tap – tap) is drowned by the very loud noise your making and don’t forget to point to your ear and say “I can hear”. We are making him aware that we are listening, so in turn heel let us know when he hears something by pointing to his ear.

J Hughan localised my tapping with keys on the dustbin – lovely!

“Give me the star” – nice interpretation of Hughan’s actions and babbling.

Vil said “Look mummy” – give him attention when he wanted to share something with you. It won’t have disrupted the activity or lost Hughan’s attention because Hughan was content playing on his own with the play dough.

Sue thanks round lovely session. Remember the following tips

don’t rush – Sue give attention to both appropriately

do intensive turn taking

model for Vil

encourage Vil to talk to Hughan.

Your rarely labelling beautifully. Note my intonation when I played with Hughan.  Tried to shift your emphasis sometimes to the first word especially if it’s the one you’re emphasising (as opposed to the last word).

“Open – open the tin”.

“Roll – roll the ball”.

Keep this lovely work Sue – Hughan is progressing nicely.



Friday 17/08/90 – 3rd visit to Cape Town – 3rd lesson

DIARY NOTES – Sweetie flowers….In 1990, this was our third trip to the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town. Vanessa was teaching us and this is what she wrote in our hearing impaired son’s diary…

Activity: Sweetie flowers


1)      name everything

2)      incorporate Vil (Jamie)

3)      expect language

Note how we started with a real flower : smelling, feeling ect.

Always try and expose Hughan to the real thing (we call this the concrete thing: usually 3 dimensional).

We then played with the flower puzzle (two dimensional and therefore slightly more abstract than the real flower) Hughan loved the puzzle.

You incorporated Vil well. Try not to be too anxious about Vil’s behaviour during the activity. He will get impatient because he works quickly and our timing with Hughan is a lot slower.

Important tips:

Do intensive turn taking. It is good for Vil to also learn to wait until it is his turn. When it is his turn for example in this activity – to put the jelly sweet on; encourage him to :

1)      get Hughan’s eye contact

2)      to give Hughan the language for what he is doing.

His timing will improve with practice. Remember to model for him so he gets the exact idea of what you want him to do (like I model for you).

He tried to do the action as he spoke to Hughan and therefore lost eye contact. Remind him: -

SPEAK – then do – then SPEAK again.

In other words he must hold the jelly sweet next to his face – get Hughan’s eye contact and attention and give the language : “put the Jelly sweet on the biscuit” and when he has finished speaking – only then put the jelly sweet onto the biscuit. ie – do the action.

Use more complex language when speaking to Vil so as to stimulate him on his language level.

The two of them thoroughly enjoyed the activity. Pick activities (when incorporating Vil) where they can each have their own utensils, ect eg: each made his own flower today.

Thanks Sue – enjoy the weekend


Thursday 16/08/90 – Birthday party – Cape Town


In 1990, it was Hughan’s birthday at the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town. We added these pictures to the diary…

Hughan turns 2 and he blows his candles out on his birthday cake.


Opening presents!



Wednesday 15/08/90 – 3rd Visit to Cape Town – 2nd lesson

DIARY NOTES – Doll play….In 1990, this was our third trip to the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town. Vanessa was teaching us and this is what she wrote in our hearing impaired son’s diary…

Activity: doll play


1)      Name everything – avoid words like “it”, “there” and “that one”.

2)      Expect language – and highlight certain words.

Good: you said “open” then paused expecting him to respond (and giving him a chance to respond verbally) and then put the single word into a short full sentence. “open”, “open the door”.

Lovely Sue, you had much better eye contact when you took things up to your eye level and he looked up at you because that was the object he was interested in eg: you took the bottle, which he wanted up to your face.

You did lovely labelling  today:

“put the doll on the bed”, “open the cupboard” and “put the bottle in the mouth”.

Super you imitated his babbling and interpreted it – “give me the doll”, “look at the pretty dress”.

Thanks Sue – please work on these new aims at “home” this afternoon.

Hope all goes well with Vil’s grommets.

See you tomorrow.


(localised – look at the door).

Lovely he responded to my knocking over the mike. He opened the door. I love the way he first knocked on the door.

Tuesday 14/08/90 – 3rd Visit to Cape Town – 1st lesson

DIARY NOTES – In 1990 we had returned to the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town from Gaborone, Botswana. This is what Vanessa, wrote in our hearing impaired son’s diary…

We were having our first lesson with Vanessa. It was wonderful being back in Cape Town at the Centre. The encouragement that Vanessa gave us during these trips gave us inspiration of how we could help Hughan when we were back home in Botswana.It was like our life line!

Vanessa wrote in the diary :-

Activity – Bath time (animals)

Dearest Sue – welcome back to fairest Cape. It is lovely to see you and Hughan again and it is very special to have Vil here again. I’m looking forward to our two weeks together.

Lovely eye contact and I’m glad you’re waiting for the eye contact before you give the language. You will also achieving lovely eye contact because you’re on his eye level all the time.

Good: your interpreting his babbling – “more toys mummy”, “no mummy”.

Super :) he pointed to the cat’s eyes and then to his eye(s).

Hughan is responding beautifully to your stimulation AND he localised immediately.

I am thrilled – he is definitely responding to sound.

Well done Sue – this is due to all your hard work, constant input and intensive auditory training.

Good: you imitated his babbling. “Ya-ya-ya-ya”. He is babbling a lot.

Sue this was such a lovely session:

Our aim is for these two weeks are –

1)      varied intonation in your input

2)      receptive language: extended

3)      emphasise one word – repeat in a short sentence

4)      auditory training.

Thank you – it is lovely to be working with you again.

Keep up the good work and endless patience.

Vanessa :)

Friday 10/08/90 – Packing for Cape Town

In 1990, we were getting ready to return to Cape Town. This is what I wrote in our hearing impaired son’s diary…

It was time to go back to Cape Town, to the Carel du Toit Centre, for more lessons to teach us how to communicate with Hughan, who is profoundly deaf.

This was our 3rd trip to the Centre.

Hughan was helping me pack our suitcases and had a great time playing with my shoes. He was matching pairs. First he would bring me a shoe to put on and then he would go back to my cupboard and bring me the other one.

Thursday 09/08/90-playing together

In 1990, this is what I wrote in our hearing impaired son’s diary…

Hughan and I went into the garden and watered the plants and watched the birds and had a general talk about everything.

Vil had a friend to play in the afternoon and they included Hughan in their games.

Wednesday 08/08/90-swinging

In 1990, this is what I wrote in our hearing impaired son’s diary…

We went to play school. Today was the first time that Hughan has enjoyed swinging on the swings (at play school).

He has never enjoyed swinging – he has asked to be put on, but always wanted to get off straight away.

Tuesday 07/08/90-puzzles & shapes


In 1990, this is what I wrote in our hearing impaired son’s diary…

Today we played with puzzles and shapes. Hughan played for three quarters of an hour and he was still keeping up his concentration on play.

Vil and Hughan played together in the afternoon.

We also went out to the farm.

Monday 06/08/90-babbling away

In 1990, this is what I wrote in our hearing impaired son’s diary…

We went to play school. Hughan got very upset with me this morning. I usually leave the house before nine o’clock to go to school and we only left at 9.15 today.

He wanted to leave the house earlier, but I had to do a few things before we could go.

Once we were at school he had a great time as usual. He is now approaching the other helpers and his teacher, babbling away at them. I usually know what he is wanting or he will show me.