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Friday 27/04/90

Hughan is wearing both hearing aids today and looking very well.

I have been playing football in the garden with Vil and Hughan. First of all Hughan sat at the side and watched while Vil and I had a bit of a game. Then I helped Hughan playing with Vil. Hughan always enjoys joining in the fun, and vocalises very well.

Every day after Hughan wakes up, he has his tea in our bedroom and as soon as he sees Willem go into the bathroom he is off to join him. He watches Willem Bath and afterwards they both brushed their teeth, it is just so sweet watching Hughan.

While Willem is at home most of the time he is his shadow.

Thursday 26/05/90

Today Vil and Hughan had a great time painting. Hughan loves to copy his brother. Putting the brush in the water and using the different colours and painting his picture.

Hughan is trying very hard with his walking. Today was the first time he has walked by himself from the kitchen into the lounge.

Wednesday 25/04/90

Hughan is much better, he is still having drops put into his ear, but he is much happier.

In the last week we have played it with Vil’s train set, Lego, the Duplo set, building bricks and noise making toys. Hughan is still not walking, but he will walk from one chair to another when encouraged.

We feel he is making progress all the time and he sometimes babbles words that sound quite good.

Vil and Hughan have some lovely games together and Vil has learnt to play very well with him. He likes to make Hughan aware of noise which is great.

Hughan loves his books and colouring in with Vil as well.

Tuesday 17/04/90

Hughan had a visit to the doctor and he had just started a discharge from his right ear. He also has a cough and blocked nose.

We went to our local Dr for the first time and I was very impressed with her. She phoned my specialist in Johannesburg to confirm with him as regard her treatment and his health.

Hughan has not had a very good week. He has only been able to wear one hearing aid. But even wearing one hearing aid he has been turning around to our voices and being aware of all the different noises, the washing machine, Tina barking, etc.

Even when the TV is on or the radio (quietly), if I call him he is turning around. I try not to have other noises going on in the house during the day, so he gets to hear different sounds.

He is to have ear drops in his ears for 10 days, so during this time I will leave his hearing aids off, so that ear has a chance to dry up

Friday 13/04/90

Eater weekend started. Willem had some great moments with the boys.

We went to a horse show on the Saturday and Hughan sat very quietly watching all the horses.

On the Sunday we travelled through to Mafikeng to be with Willem’s sister. Hughan was not very well.

Thursday 12/04/90

Vil and Hughan had a great morning making sounds. Vil loves this game, as I have always stopped him playing with pot lids or blowing a whistle, because of the noise it makes. So he is having great fun.

After every meal Vil likes to get a spoon and play knock, knock, knock (banging the spoon on the door) pointing to our ears, then saying  “come in” and Hughan likes us to take it in turns.

Wednesday 11/04/90

Willem and Hughan had a great time this morning. While Willem was bathing he was talking to Hughan. At the end of it Hughan had to be changed as he got drenched.

He had been splashing the water and vocalizing very well.

Hughan and I played with his Duplo set. He has a farm yard set with chickens, a pig. a sheep, a horse and a cow.

The farmer sat on the horse which Hughan enjoyed as he watches me teach.

I made the noises of all the animals.

Vil finished school early today as they have started their school holidays.

Tuesday 10/04/90

My maid is back thank goodness!!

Hughan and I started the day by playing ball. We had a great morning recognising sounds.

He knows the washing machine sound. This morning while eating breakfast when the spinner started pointed to his ear and shook his head.

Afterwards my maid got the vacuum cleaner out. He loves pulling big cable out and then pressing the button that rewinds the cable.

It makes a loud noise while he presses the button and he can feel the vibration.

He also reacts when mine made switches the vacuum cleaner on and off.

Today when the phone rang I pointed to my ear and grabbed him and pointed to my ear and shook my head and saying “I can hear the phone”, and then took him to the phone.

He is enjoying recognising sounds.

I wish you could see him now. When we call him, he turns round straight away, as long as he is not engrossed with play.

When he is doing something that he knows he shouldn’t and I say “no”, he stops immediately and swings around.

He is also turning in the correct direction when he hears the sound from behind. I have also found when I say “say goodbye!” he is waving without any gestures given to him. He also kisses you when you ask him to.

We have noticed a great change in him and we feel he is responding very well.

Tina at the dog barks when you bark at her and Hughan is trying hard to bark at her. He babbles very well when he plays with her.

He is also giving eye contact a lot easier now and we talked to him as much as we can, in fact all the time.

It has also got to the stage that when we hear a sound I pick him up and show him where it is coming from and reward him with the vibration, be it at home or where we are out visiting. It becomes a great game.

I also find while I am driving the car that he vocalises very well. When he babbles I jump and he thinks it is great fun. Sometimes when I speak to him or made a noise he jumps in a response to hearing me.

When we have people around, he is usually involved watching something all joining in with the others and when I tell everyone how he is responding, he never does it when they are around as he is otherwise occupied. Occasionally he will reacts and they will comment.

We are all finding it great fun. At times I feel quite exhausted by it but it usually happens when it is time for Hughan’s morning sleep, which means I can have a break and when he wakes up I am ready to start again.

Willem also spend time with Hughan and talking to him. Hughan loves his Dad. Vil is very protective over his brother and they are very close. We also rewarded Vil when he helps his brother.

Sometimes when Vil wants to paint, his brother has to have a piece of paper and brush and join in with him as well.

We are looking forward to our visit in May. Not too long now.

Cheers for now


Thursday 05/04/90

My house maid has had to go home to the funeral and I have with the house work and its Vil’s birthday today, so I also have to get ready for his party on Saturday.

Willem’s sister is to stay with us over the weekend with her husband and their two-year-old daughter, who was born on the same day as Vil. So I will spend the next few days talking to Hughan in general and play when I can.

Well thank goodness the weekend is over and everything went well – a great time was had by all. My last day of house work before  my maid comes home.

Wednesday 04/04/90

We went to play group in the morning. Hughan loves to carry his suitcase in. Holding onto my hand with one finger and trying his hardest to carry his case with the other.

I hope I am doing the right thing by taking him along to the group. I am finding it quite trying, but very rewarding.

Today he decided climbing was his new interest. He was climbing up and down a ladder.

He was vocalising very well today.

My friend has a dog that is always barking and Hughan always reacts to her bark.