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Friday 16/03/90

Today Hughan and I went and did some shopping.

Riding in the trolley was great fun and Hughan was quite overwhelmed with all the goings on.

He recognised bananas and Smarties etc and enjoyed every moment.

In the afternoon we had a swim which he always enjoys.

Over the weekend we made some play dough – taking it in turns to stir the dough. Once it was made Vil had half and Hughan half.

Taking it in turns to use the rolling pin and cutting out shapes. Hughan lost interest very quickly but enjoyed joining in while he was keen.

We have been repeating making different noises each day. “Knock, knock, knock” is going quite well.

He often picked up objects while he is playing and makes banging noises on his own accord and points to his ear and shakes his head and looks at us for our response. He gets great pleasure from this.

He is also making more babbling noises.

Wednesday 07/03/90

Wednesday 07/03/90

Well Hughan is definitely responding to our voices.

Today on three different occasions I called him and without hesitation he turned around to see me.

Our main exercise of the day was parts of the body – mummy’s eyes, Hughan’s eyes etc. which he had great fun with touching the parts of the body – very interested in our tongues.

We visited a friend with a baby in the morning. Watching the baby sleep, wake up and being changed and then feed time.

He couldn’t believe his eyes – totally amazed with it all.

Thursday 15/03/90

Vil has a desk and chair in the playroom. Hughan sat on one side and I sat the other (facing the light).

Vil has a case one of Lego. Part of the Lego set is a rabbit and a playground set, including a roundabout with an umbrella, swing, trees, flowers, a Park bench and stepping stones.

The rabbit sat on the swing and went round on the merry-go-round and sat on the bench.

I made a house for the rabbit. Building the house was fun – opening and closing the door and windows – playing “I can see you”.

It was all great fun and I felt we had gone through quite a lot today and he was listening very well.

Wednesday 14/03/90

Today I visited a friend of mine with the boys in the afternoon. My friend daughter is the girl I mentioned to you who is profoundly deaf. They came to the Carel du Toit Centre when she was small and she is always very interested in Hughan and eager to help and give her advice.

She has two Doberman Pincher dogs who were very interested in Hughan.

Hughan enjoyed the dogs and played with them. Hughan was imitating the dogs facial expressions and vocalising very well while he was playing with them.

My friend gave me a lot of plastic animals that she used to use with her daughter when she was younger.

Hughan had a great time playing with them while we were there in the afternoon, so I would use them at a later date.

Tuesday 13/03/90

This morning Willem, Vil, Hughan and I were is the bedroom first thing.

Willem was finishing getting dressed and just about ready to leave a work and Vil for school. I picked Hughan up and said to him “say goodbye” and he started waving by himself – congratulated him on his response (he was very pleased with himself).

I am also sure now when I say “no” he stops what he is about to do or doing.

After breakfast Hughan could the gardener working outside with his fork, spade, wheelbarrow and rake, so today I got out Hughan’s wheelbarrow, spade, fork etc and we went and worked a bit with Alfred (the gardener) in the garden.

Digging and putting different things in his wheelbarrow, pushing the wheelbarrow and having great fun.

Thursday 12/03/90

Hughan is much better today.

We had a lovely morning in the garden naming all the things we could see, the trees, birds, flowers and smelling flowers, picking up stones and playing in the sand.

Hughan is much happier today.

Thursday 08/03/90

Thursday 08/03/90

Hughan had a bad night and had a visit to the doctor in the morning. He seemed to be starting bronchitis. Hughan started a course of antibiotics.

We had general talked about things during the next few days as Hughan was not very well.

Tuesday 06/03/90

Tuesday 06/03/90

Today we played with a helicopter and an aeroplane – flying in the sky, landing and watching the propeller turn on the helicopter and turning it.

Later we did some colouring in. Naming all the colours and showing him other things the same colour. We coloured in a picture for Vil who is at school.

When Grace (our house maid) switched on the vacuum cleaner Hughan was aware of the sound. He stopped playing and turned around looking for the sound. We switched the vacuum cleaner on and off, pointing to our ears with the noise and shaking our heads and looking very sad when it was switched off.

Monday 05/03/90

Monday 05/03/90

Dear Nessa

Thanks for all your help and inspiration.

We had a student trip home with the boys who are always very good in the car.

Hughan was very pleased to be home.

After having his morning he he disappeared into the toy room, having lots of fun.

I called him from that all three times and he looked around and came to me.

After breakfast he found a boat and I put “the boat”(not it) in some water in the bath. We had great fun, after a while he wasn’t happy just watching the boat from the side of the bath so I empty the water out and we watched the water going down the plughole. All very interesting.

Willem also called to him in the lounge. He stopped playing to listen. Willem called for times to him before he turned around.

We both feel he is responding to us quite while.

Friday 02/03/90 – 1st Cape Town trip ends

( Going up Table Mountain)

Dear Willem and Sue

Goodness me but this week has gone quickly. I’m really sorry you can’t stay an extra week that I understand that Vil must go back to school. What a pity about the passports.

Never the less I’ll be seeing you soon – April 17th. In the meantime please concentrate on the following when working with Hughan.

1)      Auditory training

a)      You must teach Hughan to be aware of sounds: look excited, point to your ear and say “I can hear”, also imitate the sound with your voice – “Bang bang!”

b)      React to sound: open the door when you hear knocking.

Please do about 5 to 10 min daily of intensive auditory training – like we do with the 10 and Lego (sound versus – no sound) – happy versus sad expressions.

Remember to also teach him to locate the sound – to look in the direction where the sound is coming from. Start by making a noise in front of him and then take it behind him still making the noise and letting him follow with his eyes.

Bring auditory training into your daily programme where ever possible – make him aware of sounds around him (the dog barking, tap with a spoon on a bowl when you are cooking).

2)      Eye contact

Have eye contact when speaking to Hughan. Remember to –

a)      Be on his eye level

b)      To get and maintain his attention and eye contact by holding objects next to your face.

3)      Repetition

This must be done by selecting a word and then using it in a short sentence – “Open. Open the tin”. “Up. Up mummy”.  “Ta. Ta the spoon”.

4)      Interpretation

Interpretation of his babbling and actions. Give him the direct language for what he is trying to say: “give me the dog mummy”.

5)      Name

Name everything. “It”is no longer part of your vocabulary – rather say ”the flour is in the bowl” instead of “it is in the bowl”.

6)      Imitation

Imitate his language and actions – Hughan bangs with a spoon on the cupboard and says “ga, ga” and the action with the spoon. This will encourage Hughan to respond again. Also interpret the “ga, ga” and “bang with the spoon”. This is also turn taking. Mummy’s turn to speak then Hughan’s turn to speak – also on non-verbal level – mummy’s turn to stir, Hughan’s turn to stir.

7)      Be aware of voice. Don’t strain it. Remember to speak slowly, clearly and at a suitable volume.

Please keep in touch. Writing in the book once a week and then send the duplicates to me once a month. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any queries or want to chat.

Have a safe journey home and once again please keep in contact. Send me a photo of Hughan please.

Sorry the time was short, but I thoroughly enjoyed working with you. See you in April.

Best wishes