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Hughan’s Diary

homeimg1We started Hughan’s Diary in 1990 and we have been publishing the posts since Feb 2013. We are following the ‘Diary’ to help other parents with hearing impaired children through our experience. Please visit and ‘like’ our ‘Speech For Deaf Children’ page and follow the ‘Diary’.      Thank you!

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Helping other parents with hearing impaired children through our own experience…

hughanOur son Hughan was born in 1988 and we found out he was profoundly deaf when he was 14 months old, this is when he started to wear his hearing aids. We were living in Gaborone in Botswana at the time and there were no Specialists or facilities for helping Hughan there.

The choices that we made and the team of specialists we were blessed to work with have made it possible for Hughan to speak clearly and learn to hold a normal conversation on the phone. This has had a huge impact on his life and it has been life changing for him.

We initially started a signing program in Johannesburg to teach Hughan his communication skills. We taught Hughan sign language for 4 months between the age of 14 and 18 months. We were unhappy that there were many different sign languages and we thought this would limit Hughan to where he could live and travel in the future. It would also mean that friends and family would need to learn sign language to communicate with him.

We decided to start a speech only program (no sign language) when Hughan was 18 months old, in 1990, at the Carel du Toit Centre in Cape Town. We travelled to the Centre 4 times a year and stayed for 2 weeks at a time. Because we were living far away from the Centre, we were encouraged to keep a diary of what we were doing at home between return visits back to the Centre, so they knew what we were doing at home. We have our lesson notes and video recordings of lessons taken during our visits to the Centre, working with Hughan as a baby. We are now able to look back on what we did to help him.

When I turned 50 I wanted to write down what we had done to help Hughan in case he or another member of our family has a deaf child.

I started reading our ‘Diary’ notes and soon realised that this information may help other parents facing the same decisions as us. So this is why I decided to share our ‘Diary’ notes with you. It is the little thing we were encouraged to do every day to help Hughan, over a long period of time that has had a compounded effect. It was the consistent, persistent effort and positive attitude that has made it possible for Hughan to achieve so much with his hearing and speech.

Every spoken word is a blessing and should be treasured!

We are following Hughan’s ‘Diary’ notes from 1990 as they were written.

We have started a Charity called ‘Speech for Deaf Children’. Our aim is to help other parents with deaf children through our own experience, and raise money to help children in Africa and around the world.

Thank you for reading our page…Sue Pietersen

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